3D and Aerial Photography Experts

At Suncoast Skyview Photography, we offer quality services that meet your needs. We have experienced professionals who have relevant technical knowledge. We are aware that our customers demand high-quality work, and we strive to meet those standards. Our reviews show that you can trust us.

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Richard Odato has extensive experience in fashion model photography and portraiture. He is also an aviation pilot. Local real estate agents worked with Richard and knew of his history with photography and aviation. They suggested that he purchase a drone and combined the two past experiences and assist them with videos and photography of residential and commercial sites.

Since 2015, Richard Odato is one of the only two photographers in the Florida area who offer this service. Suncoast Skyview Photography is a one-stop shop for aerial photography or 3D photography.

Suncoast Skyview Photography

Aerial photography is a relatively new field, but it is a fantastic way of capturing events. We use drone technology at Suncoast Skyview Photography, to get those cinematic angles that a photographer on the ground can’t achieve.

We have experienced, locally based, drone experts who capture occasions like weddings, sports, and charity events. We also provide commercial services perfect for land surveying and construction.

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We offer aerial photography services that are ideal for contractors and building surveyors who are looking to get an additional vantage point when it comes to the design or land use of a particular project.

Our drone technology can provide you digital 2D and 3D mapping of the land below, which is also useful for agricultural, landfill, and quarry analysis. We offer your clients the ability to see the property from any angle and even move through it – virtually.

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Aerial photography is perfect for events and special occasions, whether it is capturing a new angle for your wedding video or adding an unexplored dimension. Our experienced drone experts understand how to work to meet all your needs and provide you with a perfectly finished product.

We offer highly specialized services with limitless scope. Get in touch if you think you have a project for us.